Warranty & Return

We value customer satisfaction and strive to provide high-quality products and excellent service. Below is important information about our warranty and returns procedure.


Our products come with a warranty according to the Orgalime conditions SI14. These conditions are designed to ensure that you, the customer, can count on quality and reliability. Should a problem occur with your purchase within the warranty period, please contact us. We will investigate your case carefully and provide an appropriate solution according to the applicable warranty terms. I am finding out for the first time that nothing at all about warranty period x after delivery is mentioned in the Orgalime. Standard warranty period is 1 year. But we need to delineate well what the conditions in this are (proper use, proper installation, on wear parts not etc…) also just google if we can find something good. 


If you have received an item that is damaged or does not meet your expectations, please kindly contact us at We aim to work with you to find a suitable solution. 

To arrange a return, please have the following details to hand:

  • Our webshop order number, project number and/or invoice number
  • If necessary, your reference number
  • A clear description of the problem or reason for the return
  • Any photos or other relevant documentation


Please note: For smooth handling of your return request, it is important that you contact us before returning the item. We will provide you with further instructions regarding the return.

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